Home design with driftwood

unnamedAppendiabiti smallHave you ever seen the Driftwood Weathered Wood in stores or restaurants?

Why do I find such beauty in an aged and weathered piece of wood? It’s just a piece of wood after all, yet for me it holds an undeniable allure. I’m drawn to its simplicity – its inexplicable beauty in the washed out grays, whites and beige tones, the mix of surfaces. To me, it is one of nature’s most unique and stunning works of art.

Now you can have it for little money or you can do it yourself!

Driftwood can be used to create all sorts of particular and beautiful items, such as picture frames, lamps, rustic-looking clothes hangers or necks holders, candleholders for weddings or for Christmas. You just need to use your imagination and you can create something really special! But most of us don’t live right on beach so, if you prefer, I can make them for you to satisfy your needs! Look at my projects…I actually have some very unique driftwood products…look in this website or in Amazon.com: Handmade Products if there is something you like, write to me, otherwise tell me what you need and I will begin  to work soon!

Anyway it’s easy to make your own driftwood at home and I’ve created a tutorial if you want to try yourself! Then you can use it as an interesting piece of art for your home or to sell online, at a craft show or flea market.

The best time to find driftwood on the beach is after a storm. After cleaning it with a sponge and some water, let it dry for several days.

You will use a brush and transparent water paint wax effect and you will give a coat of paint on the wood, let it dry for one day and then you give it on the wood again.

Now your driftwood is ready to be used…read my tutorial to make a lamp or pictures frame!



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